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The EF-20A-1 Lightning LED Strobe was designed as a search and rescue, visual signal device for commercial fishermen and recreational boaters.  It is also a proven family safety product for use in any activity, and may be carried aboard all public transportation like airlines, ships, and ferries when you travel.  It is a battery operated LED Strobe that even a child can safely operate at the push of a button.   Federal and state Emergency Services are now saying that every family should have a emergency plan and a safety signal kit in their car and home.  One cannot watch the news with all the unrest, terror attacks, and terrible weather, to not see the value in having this signal device to help bring your family safety home.  

Rugged anodized aluminum case and polycarbonate dome. Comes with handy wrist lanyard.

 Two common batteries (included) provide intense life saving flashes at the push of a button.


Bright light deters crime.  Bad guys do not want the attention the Lightning Strobe draws. 
Greatly increases your child's safety with instant locatability.
Bright flashing light pattern also deters aggressive animal behavior. 

For sailors and boaters, the EF-20A-1 is brighter and with longer signal range than any Coast Guard Approved Light.

When you call for help on your cellphone you still have to be seen.  Long visual signal range means faster response time.

You will not be lost with the EF-20A-1 Lightning.    See the daylight video on the product page.                                         

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Length:  4.8 In. 

Width: 1.215 In.

Weight: 5.0 OZ (with batteries)

Housing: Anodized Aircraft Aluminum.
Switch:  Push button on bottom ON/OFF.
Lens Cover:  Polycarbonate.
Battery:  2 CR-123 Lithium.
Water Test: 50 ft.
Operation:  35 Hrs.
Flash rate: 60/minute nominal.
Viewing Angle: Full upper hemisphere.
Luminous Intensity: 200CD.
Tested Night Visibility:  Over 10 Nautical Miles.
Tested Day Visibility:     Over  1 Nautical Mile
Light Source:  4 CREE LED With Side Emitters.
Meets and Exceeds USCG Approval standards.

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