Whether you are in trouble on the ocean, a hiker in the wilderness, or just walking home at night, the brilliant EF-20A-1 "Lightning" will get you the attention you need. 

Why would you not want the best signal range and duration you can get,  There is no other signal product like in the world and it makes a perfect gift for someone you care about.

Sailors wives know that the EF-20A-1 Lightning should be carried both off and on the boat and in addition to USCG approved flares as a far superior and safer rescue device. 

Statistics show that many survivors recovered on search and rescue missions had flares and flashlights stashed "somewhere" but could not locate or activate them. 

The EF-20A-1 Lightning is the brightest LED strobe on the market. 5 times brighter than the Firefly Pro for example, but still user friendly, and non hazardous. 

It is a non polluting, electronic visual distress signal product that can actually be seen under the harshest conditions in all land and sea environments, and does not have to be aimed. 

EF-20A-1 ELECTRONIC FLARE SPECIFICATIONS DIMENSIONS Length: 4.8 In. Width: 1.215 In. Weight: 5. OZ with batteries. 

FEATURES Housing: Anodized Aircraft Aluminum. Switch: Push button on bottom ON/OFF.

Lens Cover: Polycarbonate. Battery: 2 CR-123 Lithium. Water Test: 50 ft. Operation: 15 hours at full output power. over 35 still flashing. Flash rate: 60/FPM nominal. 

Viewing Angle: Full upper hemisphere. Intensity: 200 CD. Tested Night Visibility: over 10 Nautical Miles. Tested Day Visibility: UP to 1 Nautical Mile Light Source 4 LED. 

Patented. US Pat 8,646,938 US Pat 8,220,950