We make very high intensity LED strobe products.  They are used in visual distress signal devices and on drones to make them visible and socially more acceptable.

The Electronic Flare EF-20A-1 "Lightning" is the brightest, most energy efficient, hemispherically visible, battery operated, handheld LED distress signal device available.  It is attractively compact and easy to carry in your pocket, purse, or carry on bag.  It should definately be carried on boats in addition to current USCG approved flares and lights because of the superior performance as a visual rescue aid. 
"You may not think being seen in any given situation is important, but your family does." 




Length:  4.8 In. 
Width: 1.215 In.
Weight: 5.0 OZ with batteries.


Housing: Anodized Aircraft Aluminum.
Switch:  Push button on bottom ON/OFF.
Lens Cover:  Polycarbonate.
Battery:  2 CR-123 Lithium.
Water Test: 50 ft.
Operation:  15 hours at full output power. 35 still flashing.
Flash rate: 60/minute nominal.
Viewing Angle: Full upper hemisphere.
Intensity: 200CD.
Tested Night Visibility:   Up to 10 Nautical Miles.
Tested Day Visibility:      UP to 1 Nautical Mile
Light Source 4 LED.

Patented. US Pat 8,646,938  US Pat 8,220,950

NOTE!!!  The visible range for our EF-20-1 is 14 Nautical Miles according to the USCG method for determining the range of a product with a Luminous Intensity of 200 Candela in clear dark conditions. 

For Drones

The DS-30-1 Drone Strobe makes for safer flight operations during the day in and out of the FAA "Line of Sight" requirement.  Every drone needs to be highly visible to avoid drone strikes with pedestrians and vehicles within its flight path. Professional drone operators see the value of a highly visible drone especially when having to glance away and then locate the drone again quickly.  Drone insurance underwriters see the drone strobe reducing their overall liability.  The DS-30-1 was designed to set the standards for making drone operations in close proximity to the public safer and more socially acceptable. 

We are a Veteran Owned company located in Washington state.  The founders have over 75 years of combined experience in Search and Rescue related product development, and thousands of hours of flying Search and Rescue missions in Alaska.  
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Jim O'Meara
North American Survival Systems