The EF-20A-1 Lightning LED Strobe is a Search and Rescue Visual Signal Device.   It is a proven safety product for use in any activity, and unlike hazardous signal products, it may be carried aboard the airlines, ships, or ferries when you travel.   We believe every family should have a safety signal kit in their car and home with the brightest and safest "Alert and Distress" signal product on the market.  

A few good reasons to carry one.

  • Skiers sometimes need attention.
  • Hikers get lost on occasion. 
  • Floods, fires, and hurricanes happen.
  • Roadside emergencies.
  • Children may go missing.
  • Whatever is on the news.
  • The other guy needs some help.


Not a flashlight.  Full hemisphere LED Strobe, Over 10 mile range.

 Two common CR 123 batteries (included) provide intense life saving flashes at the push of a button.

Voice communication is only half the story, you must still be seen to be saved.

Bright light deters crime day or night.      Easy to take with you wherever you go.

Commercial Fishermen or Recreational boaters can be seen in an emergency.

It is a perfect gift for friends and family because ALL lives matter.                               

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