Brilliant Electronic Signal Technology

The EF-20A-1 Electronic Flare produces 60 High Intensity flashes per minute that are visible up to a mile in daylight and 10 miles at night.  This is a perfect personal safety product that belongs in your vehicle, boat, or aircraft.     

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T h e E F - 2 0 A - 1 LIGHTNING is a high intensity LED Electronic Flare. It was independently tested and selected by Practical Sailor as the
preferred MOB Visual Distress Signal because of its brightness, visible range, duration, and compact size. The compact size makes it convenient
to carry and you are likely to have it with you when needed. Truly a vital piece of safety gear that stands above the rest.
Designed to shorten Search and Rescue operations w i t h  h i g h e r detectability than other strobe products.  Full hemisphere LED Strobe visible under any sea condition. 
Unlike hazardous signal products, the LIGHTNING may be carried aboard the airlines, ships, or ferries when you travel. 

My name is Mark DeSalvo, I am a retired Naval Aviator and currently a captain at a major U.S. airline.  I am also an avid boater which is how I came across the North American Survival Systems EF-20 strobe / flare.  As in boating and flying, being seen could be a matter of life and death.  The EF-20 has a number of advantages over a conventional flare that has led me to always have one on my person whenever I am flying or boating.  First its size and weight allow me to attach it to a jacket on the water or in my pocket while flying.  Second, unlike a flare it is not just a one shot deal, a flare you light it and “that's it” after a minute, the EF-20 has hours of use and can be conserved for multiple uses. Third if is safer than a pyrotechnic in an aircraft, on a rescue raft or around spilled fuel (often a danger in any mishap). Lastly, the EF-20 can be seen at much greater distances than a conventional flare.  For all these reasons I carry one and would like to see it become the standard to replace pyrotechnic flares.

Mark DeSalvo 
LCDR U.S.Navy (ret)
Captain A320 / A321 

Originally I bought the EF-20 for my boat to satisfy safety issues. Now having it always with me in my purse makes me feel safer. It is with me in my car, and on the airlines whenever I travel. When I close the store at night my car is behind the building in a dark lot. I also do stage mgmnt for community theater leaving late at night. Sometimes walking home. If a situation should arise I know the Lightning is bright enough to be blinding and draw attention at a great distance. Compact, easy to use, efficient. love it! Thanks.

Drone Strobes
The EF-20A-1 and the DS-30 are the same LED Strobe.  They meet the FAA requirements for night flight for both Public Service UAV and Commercial UAV Operators. Strobes on drones and UAVs will soon be required in daylight for safety and liability reasons.  Many customers run them off of a 9 volt battery and appreciate the extended line of sight capabilities over an unlit drone.