Being Rescued on Land or Sea depends entirely on being seen.

Make a smart choice when it comes to selecting an Electronic Visual Distress Signal and choose the EF-20 Lightning Electronic Flare.  

That's the EF-20 on the right and what appears to be a red pyrotechnic flare on the left.   The flare will burn out in a minute or so and leave you in the dark.  The EF-20 will run for 15 hours at full intensity, visible for 10 miles at night, and safe to use anywhere.  Its on sale, with free shipping, and satisfaction guaranteed.


"Better to have it when you need it, then to need it and not have it." Naranjo Photo


Increasing daytime line of sight up to a mile for police drones, military drones, and commercial drone operators.  FAA Approves night flights for commercial drone operators and our strobes exceed the range requirements.

  • UAV Operators and the observers are able to see the LED Strobes on their drones and UAVs at greater distances day or night.   
  • The strobes provide "Longer line of sight" flight capabilities adding a greater margin of safety for the operator as well as observers and other aircraft.  
  • When flying SAR Drones, Search and Rescue Drone missions, it is imperative that the UAV or Drone be highly visible to those you are looking for..  
  • Note: Day Range will vary with brightness of the day, sunglasses, and individual vision. 
  • Super bright 3 WATT LED strobe beacons for RC, model, quadcopter, hexacopter, airplane, and robotics.
  • Visible over 5 miles at night.   


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Note; Will not harm the passengers or the luxury finish on Selene,Nordhavn,Hinkley,Fleming,Passport,Oyster,DeFever,Grand Banks,trawlers,ketch,schooner,sloop,cutter,powerboat,sailboat,motor sailor, motor yacht,kayak or paddleboard. Also used for emergency and distress signals on Harley Davidson, BMW, Lexus,Mercedes,Audi,Porsche, and other fine vehicles. You might be a missing backpacker, missing hiker overdue boater,lost in the wilderness, lost at sea, on a sinking ship, in a massive earthquake, in a typhoon, trapped in floods, missing children, gone missing.